I'm an interdisciplinary-designer based in Paris.

I strive to design artefacts that help us
to better understand and master our physical and digital world.

Here my fields of interests :

Distributed networks / P2P production / Appropriate technology / Open hardware / Self-sufficiency

If you think we should talk together feel free to send me a


Scroll down to take a look on my lasts projects.



A plug-and-play domestic server based on a Raspberry Pi designed in order to democratise self-hosting.

This project come from a wider research about our relationship with technological artefacts.
These can they question our habits, social norms and behaviour
rather than condition them ?

Pictures: Marion Simon



A re-interpretation of the old-fashioned food storage shelves by a balanced mix of modern technology and traditionnal ones.
The device goes along with an illustrated booklet dedicated to knowledges about food storage.

Pictures: Marion Simon

The booklet is composed of 26 texts and illustrations.



An invitation to consider the actual production landscape with a critical eye.


Paper version available on demand.

"Until they become conscious they will never rebel,
and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious."


1984, George Orwell